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Projective studio is a team of professionals who loves to create.

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During our nine years of experience, we have we have created many design projects of country houses, apartments and public spaces, which you can find in our portfolio.

Our team consists of professionals whose main goal is excellent results. It is very important for us to be proud of our projects, so we are very attentive to all the details at each and every design stage.

We are partners with some of the most highly qualified contractors and suppliers. This allows us to create projects of excellent quality on time and exactly as planned.

Open-mind and professionalism of each member of our team allows us to implement the most daring ideas. Experience, proper education and the desire to create unique projects is that drives us to create.

How we work

First impression. Style, solutions and planning suggestions. Preparation of technical specifications.

Development and approval of planning solutions.

Development and approval of collages and sketches. Approval of general style direction.

Selection and approval of finishing materials and furniture.

3D visualization and its approval.

Preparation of all necessary project blueprints – “working documentation”.

Architectural supervision. Consultation and control of workers and contractors. Weekly site visits during the stage of active construction.

Furnishing and decoration process: lights, appliances, furniture etc.

Construction management. A comprehensive approach to the construction process.


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